Hearing Loss LIVE! Podcast

Welcome the Hearing Loss LIVE!

September 02, 2021
Hearing Loss LIVE! Podcast
Welcome the Hearing Loss LIVE!
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Adapting to hearing loss can be overwhelming no matter how you got here--suddenly or progressively. Hearing Loss LIVE! wants to help you take control of your hearing loss. Because we know that when you do, you will live more fully with fewer limits. We can help improve your communication obstacles in your day to day life. 

We at Hearing Loss LIVE! have about 100 years of experience between us in hearing loss. We have been at the very bottom of hearing loss, the very top and everything in between. Our past experience is based on mentoring others through other hearing loss organizations. Julia helped people with access to CART/live captioning, Chelle as a Hard of Hearing Assistant and later as Specialist for Utah for a number of years and Michele offering peer support and presenting to organizations and agencies on navigating the world with a hearing loss.

Join us at hearinglosslive.com.  Transcript available info@hearinglosslive.com

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Julia Stepp:  Welcome to Hearing Loss LIVE! We are so excited to be launching our web page hearinglosslive.com,
where we will bring you our first blog that will introduce you to our passion as owners of Hearing Loss
LIVE! and what we hope to bring to those with hearing loss, their friends, their family and their
coworkers and employers. We here at Hearing Loss LIVE! Michele Linder, Chelle Wyatt, and myself
Julia Stepp, hope to continually bring you services and workshops and introduce you to living life to the
fullest with hearing loss. Whether you're comfortable with your hearing, whether you're not, this is a
place to join and make a community where we can help each other. Because when we help each other,
we help ourselves. Hearinglosslive.com will launch its first podcast, September 6. Whether you're
camping for Labor Day, home snuggled on a couch with an animal, wherever you're at, join us for
Hearing Loss LIVE! first podcast where we will introduce ourselves and get candid on what we hope to
bring you with hearing loss live. Thank you, hearinglosslive.com.