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March 09, 2023 Hearing Loss LIVE! Season 1 Episode 1
Hearing Loss LIVE! Podcast
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Are you looking for lipreading classes that are with live instructors? Are you looking to learn why some people are easier for you to lipread than others?
Maybe you just want to improve your communication outcomes.

Hearing Loss LIVE! offers two classes that does all this and more. We have one more set of classes before summer break so don't wait join today. 

Our classes offer:
- Live instructors
- Better overall communicaton outcomes
- Live students from all over 
- Humor and How to for every day with hearing loss

Whether your a hearing partner, new to hearing loss, or old pro at lipreading these classes are built for you. 

Need CEUs? Ask us how info@hearinglosslive.com

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Julia: Welcome to Hearing Loss LIVE! Our last round of classes are going to start March 28. With our Lipreading Concept class having three times and our Lips Shapes on Thursday evenings. We want you to come and join these classes. We will be taking a break over summer. So this is your last chance before fall. Join us bring a friend $50, and you can join eight weeks of Lipreading Concepts. $50 and a friend and you can join six weeks of Lip Shapes. We specifically broke these classes apart, I want Chelle to go over why we worked so hard to separate them. And I'm going to turn it over to her.


Chelle: We split the classes apart because after, what, eight years of teaching, lipreading, or actually speech reading classes with 18 weeks, one concept and one lip shape per class, it was it was overwhelming. And we stopped people wanting to give up after the third or fourth class. Because it's just too hard. With a lot of thought, I thought well, what if I taught all the concepts to set your stage for better lipreading first? And not only did I learn it set the stage for lipreading, but it sets the stage for better communication with hearing loss in general. And I'm not talking about just the hard of hearing people. Also hearing people who have joined the class really benefited from it as well. So I did I took the concepts, the most important concepts. And I put them into eight lessons and all eight lessons, it's a it's a step by step by step process, I had some lip reading exercises about halfway through after the basic lipreading concepts have come through. And it's really gratifying during the seventh lesson for -- to see the concepts coming together and people saying "I do lipread". And this is without any lip shapes. This is just getting people to understand the process. So okay, we we had our first lip shapes class that ended just recently, it was it was the best class and I was so happy to get back into lips shapes, but lip shapes are one of the tools. So when I went through the lip shapes, I would just touch on the concepts as we went. Oh, you know, you understand this person, because you've known her for a lot longer than you've known anybody else. So you're going to understand the lipreading, lipreading [noise in background] that person more than anybody else. It's knowing the topic in a way. And then there were certain words, we're gonna see certain words over and over in life depending on what we do, and who we're with. So when like, I want to give an example with Gloria. In the class, it said her the work was the value way. She picked that up faster than anybody else start because she's seen it over and over. In her line of work over the years. Everybody else is struggling. And I know in the past, she kind of felt like, I'm not doing well. But this class, she was like, oh,  you know. So now I'm going to turn it over to Gloria to talk about her experience between liberating concepts and lip shapes live.


Gloria: For me, I think I unconsciously absorbed the lip concepts first. Then when I got into lip shapes, it made sense. And by the end of the class, by end of the sixth class, I was like, oh, yeah, I got this, I can understand and I felt a lot more comfortable. And I thought I was a good lipreader. But when I took the classes, I understood what I was doing. I understood it. And so when Julia said Halloween, I used all the things that Chelle taught me. There's an lip shape, "HA HA LOW". Oh, L! So I knew it had to be. The issue was is a holiday. So I was going through my brain really fast [da da dai]. It wasn't Easter, it wasn't Christmas and so it had to be Halloween. And I really appreciate it because it is hard sometimes to understand people speaking. So between the two classes, I think I got pretty good at it. And I really enjoyed them. They're fun. They're fun classes, and we were all laughing.


Julia: We do we do get a good laugh. And I think when you understand the concepts-- Thank you, Gloria, that was that was great advice from a student perspective, I think. I do think lip shapes becomes easier when you take the mystery out of how lipreading really works. And it really is only one tool of lipreading. Concepts are easy tools. It's amazing how much easier I find it to talk about the concepts separate from the lips shapes. And when we talk about them before the lip shapes, people come to the lip shape class prepared, they know they're going to set their stage. And I think that's very important. These classes are built for you as a hearing -- with hearing loss. And it's built for your hearing partners. You have three times to pick from for the Lipreading Concepts, class, and Thursday evening for the Lip Shapes. You can take them all together if you'd like you can go to our website and see what works for you. We designed the lip reading concept class with the three times so maybe you have a bad hair day, Tuesday and you want to join the next class, you're going to get the information. So there's lots of, lots of flexibility. The more we have in our Lip Shapes the funner it is because you get to learn a lot of different people's speaking habits. I think this last class was fun for us because we had somebody from Boston and right? No "Rs", no "Rs" there. How do you do the "Rs"? So please join us. Don't miss out and another reason to join us this spring, then you're ready this fall for our more advanced lips shape reading classes that we're rolling out. Shelly and I are going to work really hard this summer over stuff like that. Well, I shouldn't say me, Chelle is going to work really hard to put them together and I'm just going to tell her yeah, this works. [laughing] I trust her right. No. So join us March 28 and 29th for Lipreading Concepts class and April 6th we'll start our Lip Shapes. Find out more on our event page. BYYYE!!